Looking For Freedom?

iStock_000012442006XSmallToday I woke up at 0345 for a physical training (pt) test at 0530. Normally I’m nervous and so worried I would throw up. Incase you didn’t know, I’m in the military. The Air Force to be exact. In the past I have failed my pt tests and just barely passed if I even passed. So this morning, when I woke up, and wasn’t “shaking in my boots”, I wasn’t sure what to think.

Compared to my pt test, six months ago, I feel like a stud. I did 50 push-ups in one minute and 60 sit-ups in one minute. I lost four and a half inches on my waist for a measurement of 33 inches. I ran a mile and a half in 11:25, which isn’t what I wanted but is a lot better than the almost 13 minutes from my last pt test! My grand total score was a 92% out of 100%. The best I’ve ever done!

Now, there are the two reasons I tell you this story. Number one is, I attribute the reason I did so well on my test to the amazing diet I adopted for a life change. I’ve made all those improvements plus I lost almost 50 pounds. Staying healthy is key to happiness, energy, fitness and mental clarity.

Which leads me to reason number two. With sequestration in the Department of Defense, all branches of the military are trying to cut down on the manning to save money. What this means for a bunch of Airmen, Soldiers, Semen and Marines is; less jobs (getting kicked out), less rank, less benefits, less time with your family, just less everything. Just a few benefits that the military will be cutting out or reducing is; retirement, health care, travel, education and more. It seems as though the military is looking for reasons to kick people out because , I can’t keep count of the Airmen I’ve talked to that weren’t allowed to reenlist, just because.

My point is, every person with a J O B, needs a backup, just incase. Because even the military isn’t a sure fire job anymore! Well I’ve learned a way everyone can find security in their financial future, have as much free time as you want, stay healthy, live longer and make great friends! I have talked with people making six and seven figure incomes! I know that sounds a little out of reach but so is everything that is hard work and takes time to do. But if you just treat this opportunity like a hobby, you definitely make enough to make your phone bill, car payment, or even your mortgage… Heck, if you are paying your house payment why cant you make a living helping other people get healthy and FIND FREEDOM!

Who wants to be afraid of the future? There is no harm in just checking things out. So, do yourself a favor and contact me if you want FREEDOM!!


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